Top 5 resons to learn WordPress


is a free platform initially developed to build blogs, BUT nowadays it is used as a content management system for websites. A large number of developers are choosing WordPress as a solution when setting up a website due to perceived advantages of the platform; these advantages, however, are not always correctly understood. Therefore, the goal of this Video is to present all the pros and cons of building a website using WordPress.
There are many benefits, related to the use of the wordpress.

Its open source structure  many programmers openly share their code online, which results in the ability of users to save developing time and costs by using existing code

Convenient use – the wordpress is made for the majority of market, so the admin interface is convenient and friendly towards non-professionals. WordPress is a simple system to operate. The Webmaster hardly needs to spend time learning the system before he/she can begin to work with and edit the site content. In addition, the system is super simple to install. And that brings us to next point.

Its fast construction – one of the main advantages of the system is its ability to be easily installed on a hosting server so the Webmaster can start working with it within a short timespan

Its Price – I know, we have talked that wordpress is open source. But wordpress development price is also cheap compared to full stack development in node or pure asp. Also there are hundreds and hundreds of developers ready on sites like freelancer to take your project and make it live.

Plugins: You need a video support, there is a plugin. you need live chat, there is a plugin. You need map integration, there is a plugin.


What is scope of hacking – Hitesh Choudhary’s Views

What is the scope of hacking in India.

I get this question a lot and thought to answer it in detail via my blog. For those who are still wondering, what that “Scope” means here. Basically, everyone wants to know, “Will I be rich after learning hacking?”

Let’s be clear here, there is no such thing as scope. If a person is dedicated to learn and apply skills in constructive manner, nothing can stop him. He might be in any country and still he will be successful. Skills matter the most. That’s the bottom line. You might be in IIT or NYU, if you know, How to apply stuff then for sure you will be earning a lot.

Coming back on to the scope, Did you asked for the guarantee to get placed after engineering ? Did you asked for guarantee from hospital, that you will not get cold again in life ? I am not being Harsh on anyone, I am just putting reality.

Be focused on target but first choose one, InfoSec, iPhone apps or android. It doesn’t matter what the topic is. What matter the most behind your success is, how much work you know, how many hours of practice is behind the job being done ?

Final words, there is no scope of anything and high scope of everything ? And just to add humour, What is the scope of being Prime Minister of India ? or America ?

Just to get a start path is a great way to get started with.

Hitesh choudhary’s day without internet.

I live in India, power cut not very often in my city but today was that often day. I woke up late and full day power cut with laptop flushed out of battery. I was waiting and waiting n …… 

It’s tough to live without internet when all of your work is via online stuff. I will not lie that I was not even able to check mails. Thanks to the iPhone but no thanks for battery life. 

Strange part was, i went to gym (yeah! Thats a big deal for computer persons) right now I am sitting in a nearby park and I am thinking life is so beautiful. I know as soon as I’ll be back in virtual world, these thoughts will go away. 

It looks like unplanned, one day forceful vacations. 

“Enjoy every situation”

The moment hitesh choudhary got on wordpress

I am no SEO expert. And don’t want to do any kind of seo for this blog. Its like a public diary to me. The moment when I got on wordpress, my facebook msg box was full of suggestions. “Put meta tags”, “make URL with keywords”, “get on the blogger”. 

Hey hey, get a pause guys. This is not meant to be on the top on google ranking. These are just random thoughts by some random guy, in his random free time. 

Seo is such a big business now a days that everyone is exploiting the blogging thing. If you are reading this, i would suggest that in you free time, write something on blog. Share your thoughts, don’t worry about grammer, spellings or who is going to read it. Just do it. 

Still, i am happy to take messages from everyone, they care about me and talks to me, thats the thing that matters to me most. 

See you some other day! 

Hitesh choudhary


WordPress App for Ios

Yesterday was the first day being back on blogging world. I don’t write blogs for the SEO purposes, i just like to write and share few thoughts. 

I was just looking for wordpress app at store n found one. App is really nice and will help me to keep up my regular blogs. With only few hours of usage of, I can say that I am loving it. Highly recommended App. 

It was a very busy day, see you tomorrow.

Super Important Info

Do you want me to hack into facebook/gmail for a perfect and valid reason

Note : If you are a hacker/information-security-expert/pentester, feel free to copy paste this on your site. I can understand your frustration.

Do you want me to hack into facebook/gmail for a perfect and valid reason ?

I am not aware of any known crisis but this month seems like everyone needs me to hack into someone’s facebook or gmail account. You got a perfectly valid reason for that or you may have forgotten your password with absolutely no phone or email backup. No need to worry, I am a superman of hacking and I have very strong links to do your job.

For Facebook:

I am having lunch with mark zuckerberg (founder of facebook), on regular basis and during lunch he updates me with a database file containing password and username of all facebook users. I hope you can understand that I just have to do Ctrl+F, and type the email/name and can get the password. Thats easy.

For gmail/**orkut**/google plus:

Yep, you guessed it right. I have an inside man/woman in google. Hacking in google is bit tough but not impossible, (watch mission impossible). My inside person is at very high position at Google and for security reasons, I cannot mention the NAME. But important point is we can get access to any gmail account, read the mails or even get IP address from google.

For your stolen Laptop or mobile:

Let us call the NSA (yep, I am daring to post link of NSA) this time. You have lost your mobile phone or maybe laptop and you are very desperate to get it back. NSA has given me access to their top secret mobile and laptop tracer. Your laptop or Mobile might not have internet access, or may be in switched off mode buried 10 feet under the earth. NSA’s laptop-mobile tracer can find it out. And the great news is, I have full access to it.

Want me to hack in Android/iPhone/windows/bada os/Nokia 1100:

You got into some deep trouble and only by having access to someone’s mobile phone, your life can be saved. There is an ALL-IN-ONE-MOBILE-HACKER, that was recently designed. With this super hacking software one can easily hack into any mobile sitting in any part of the world. Now you can monitor all your girlfriend/boyfriend activity.

All these service are free of charge:

Thats the biggest social service. Since, I don’t work at any place nor I have to complete my further studies and even more, I don’t have any social life that is why feel free to contact me any time. (Yeahhhhh, I don’t even sleep). I will contact you ASAP.
ASAP means: I will take my lunch/dinner latter but I’ll contact you first. If there is no internet access near me, I’ll borrow Iron man suit from tony stark and will serve you first.